Register Online

Dear Patients, To keep the patient flow moving efficiently, it’s very important that when you are requested to come in to the office, please arrive promptly to retain your place in line. Patient flow is based on your sign in time. IMPORTANT NOTICE: You may forfeit your place in line, have a longer wait OR RISK NOT BEING SEEN AT ALL if you’re NOT answering your phone or NOT here promptly. Thank you for your understanding.

 Your check-in time is based on the online Registration received.
 Please keep your phone handy.
 A nurse will call you within the hour of your registration at either of the clinics.
 If we have not called you after an hour please call us to confirm your Registration.
 At this time, this is the only Covid-safe way for us to check patients in timely and efficiently.
 Preregistration is permitted from 7:00 am until 5:30 pm.
RE: PHYSICALS – If you are needing a Physical and ALL your COVID question answers are “NO”- Come in ASAP! No need to wait for a phone call. The sooner you come in ~ The sooner your Physical will be completed.
Please note: No urine drug screenings after 3pm and for DMV/DOT Physicals if you take medication please be sure to call us and check on what you will need to bring with you at the time of service. Thank you so much.

Hilltop Drive 530-221-1565