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Register online with your phone or computer to save check-in time.

Telemedicine visits have been approved as an emergency measure during this Covid-19 pandemic.  Telemedicine visits are the preferred method of  health care at this time.  After the Skype or phone visit, you may be directed to the appropriate site for an examination, procedure or test. 

After completing your on-line registration, please call the clinic to schedule the telemedicine visit at (East) 530-221-1565 or (West) 530-246-4629.


  • The registration time is based on when the information is received.
  • Your check-in time is based on your online Registration time.
  • Please call the Clinic you registered with for your “wait time”.  You need to arrive by that time to protect your place in line.        Hilltop Office 530-221-1565 or West (Eureka Way) Office 530-246-4629
  • At this time, we need all patients to complete the forms even if you have been to the clinics before.


  • Preregistration is permitted from 7:30 am until 5:30 pm.  (After 5:30 pm, you must just come on in to either Clinic and arrive before 5:45 pm to be seen***NOT VALID DURING COVID).

Online check-in is currently closed.

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ALL PATIENTS – After signing in online please email your insurance card & photo ID to: