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COVID TESTING prior to your visit

REGISTER ONLINE     ****UPDATED 5/10/2023****

Dear Patients, 

Our patient capacity is limited everyday based on how many Providers we have on duty.  We offer Telemedicine (which requires a smart phone or computer with visual capabilities), this works especially well for our ill patients since we are continuing our office protocol and not bringing them in to the clinic at this time. 

Pre-Registering Online may decrease you wait time in our Lobby

Online is available from 7am to 3pm 

(or until we have reached maximum daily patient capacity)

If you are unable to register online, please call (530) 221-1565 Ext 1 to check availability before arriving at the clinic.

All Patients must arrive in the time frame provided 

when we call to confirm your Sign-in.   

If you cannot be in the office within that time frame, we may still be able to see you but you will begin a ”new wait time” when you arrive. 

∙ Visit order is based on urgency, followed by check-in time. Your Provided Arrival TIME FRAME  MATTERS (as stated above in green)
∙ Additional phone calls may be necessary to complete the registration process. Our clinic number, 530-221-1565, will be visible, so call us back as soon as possible if you missed our call.

What health problems are we able to help you with via Local-Telemedicine? (Click here)

INFECTIOUS ILLNESS QUESTIONS: – If you answered “yes” to any illness questions, you will need to start with a telemedicine visit. Please check the Telemedicine Box and you will be contacted

URINE DRUG SCREENS: Must arrive at clinic by 2:00pm at latest.

DMV/DOT PHYSICALS: If you are on medication, please call for additional instruction. You may need to provide additional documentation prior to the visit. Thank you so much.

1093 Hilltop Drive 530-221-1565

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