Local Health Update by Michael Jorde, M.D

Air quality issues resulting from recent fires in our region have contributed to an increase in the occurrence of airway and respiratory illnesses. Asthmatic patients should ensure that their inhaler supplies are not outdated and  seek medical care if respiratory symptoms present. Streptococcal pharyngitis is being seen more frequently in Shasta County.  Rapid strep testing is available at most local clinic sites.  Proper diagnosis and treatment of pharyngeal infections can reduce unnecessary over utilization of antibiotics. Influenza vaccination has begun in the...

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Strep Throat

  Strep throat is a bacterial infection involving the back of the throat and tonsils. The classic presentation is the onset of body aches, headache and a severe sore throat with clinical findings of fever, swollen lymph nodes and tonsil exudates. A fine sand paper red rash or strep odor also confirm a strep infection. Strep prefers the throat and usually spares the ears, sinus, nose and chest, although there are always exceptions. Group A beta hemolytic streptococcus is the...

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Deep Cuts / Lacerations

Lacerations are cuts or tears in the skin that expose the underlying fat, muscle or bone. In general cuts from a sharp object heal quicker and have a smaller scar. All lacerations cause a scar. The first step is to exclude injury to underlying structures, such as a broken bone, cut ligament or cut artery. Bleeding can usually be controlled with direct pressure. Ligaments will require surgical repair. A bone may need reduction. Early closure reduces the risk for infection....

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Cough is due to a reflex, triggered by irritation of the upper airways, that causes a spasm of the chest and diaphragm muscles. It is the first defense of the lungs against infection. Ironically, it is also responsible for rapidly spreading infection. Treatment is based on the underlying cause. Viral infections are the most common cause for acute cough in healthy children and adults. They are often accompanied with nasal congestion, a mild sore throat and fevers. The acute illness...

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Sore Throat (Acute)

  Sore throat is a common cause for an office visit. The diagnosis and treatment remains controversial and is still actively discussed in the medical literature. The problem is that symptoms overlap and limit the accuracy for even this simple diagnosis. Viral infections are the most common and are frequently preceded by nasal congestion. Throat pain is usually mild and improves with liquids; however herpangina, an enterovirus infection, can cause severe pain and blisters on the roof of the mouth....

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