Seasonal Allergies by Michael Jorde, M.D.

Northern California and specifically Shasta County, is known for its high pollen counts.  Ample ragweed and oak growth result in these elevated pollen levels and bring about seasonal allergy symptoms for local residents.   Itchy eyes and nasal congestion are characteristic symptoms of seasonal allergy.  Over-the-counter medications including nasal steroids and non-sedating antihistamines are effective initial treatment strategies for these symptoms.

Should the initial treatments not provide relief from allergies, the patient should seek medical care from their primary care physician or an Urgent Care Clinic such as Hilltop Medical Clinic.   A variety of treatments are available which could include oral prednisone or injectable steroids.

If the primary care treatments continue to not be effective, patients are usually referred to a local allergist.  A Northern California allergy lab test is obtained before the patient is seen by an allergist.  The test determines which pollen types are predominately responsible for the individual’s symptoms. Desensitization of the patient by injection exposure to increasing amounts of allergens is the basis of most treatment programs administered by allergists.  Over time these treatments are very effective and serve to provide long-term relief for most allergy patients.  

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