About Hilltop

Hilltop Medical Clinic (HMC) was started in 1986 by thirty-five local Primary Care Physicians. “We recognized the need for a Clinic that provided care for minor emergencies, care for patients without a regular doctor, and care when the person’s Physician was not available.”

In 1986 the concept of urgent care was just beginning. Urgent Care Clinics bridge-the-gap between the Doctor’s office and the Hospital, and they are much less expensive than an emergency room visit. They compliment, but do not replace, the person’s Primary Care Physician.

Our Physicians realized that Redding needed a Clinic that was locally owned and operated, so that the care patient received reflected the standard of care in our community. Prior to HMC, Redding had a single urgent care clinic that was operated by a emergency room group from outside of town. The Physicians did not integrate or participate in the local medical Community. They blurred the lines between Urgent Care and Primary care, which had a negative impact on patient care. And they provided Primary Care without evening call coverage, pushing the responsibility onto the local Physicians. The group was not responsive to our concerns or constructive criticisms.

HMC was started to address these concerns with the following principles: 1) The Physicians at HMC would be part of the local medical community, 2) HMC would coordinate care with the patient’s private Physician, 3) HMC would provide urgent care services; the local Physicians would provide Primary Care services, 4) HMC would encourage patients to establish with a local Primary Care Physician, 5) HMC would remain locally owned and operated, and thus responsive to suggestions from local Physicians.

The Stark bill prevented the sale of stock to new Physicians, so over the next 24 years the ownership decreased to its current three owners; Dr. Mark Pierce, Dr. Mike Jorde, and Dr. Rodney Phillips.

We are proud of the success and reputation of Hilltop Medical Clinic. We appreciate your continued support.