TeleMedicine visits available

Which health problems can be taken care of through telemedicine?

Telemedicine works best for anything you feel is infectious or places you or others at risk.

Other common telemed visits include poison oak, migraines, vertigo, sore throat, allergies, shingles, most rashes, sexually transmitted infections, birth control, swimmers ear, conjunctivitis, recurrent gout, sexual dysfunction, follow up for lab or imaging reports to name a few. Some providers will refill routine medicine and handle Urinary Tract Infections via telemedicine after the urine specimen is provided.  These will be on case-by-case basis.

We recommend beginning with signing in online.  A medical back office person will call to begin your intake over the phone.   We will recommend what type of care (in person, parking lot or telemed) based on our current office protocols.  If our Provider feels it’s best for your care to see you in person (parking lot or in office), a trip into the clinic and give us a call when you arrive.

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