TeleMedicine visits available

Which health problems can be taken care of through telemedicine? Telemedicine works best for anything you feel is infectious or places you or others at risk. Other common telemed visits include poison oak, migraines, vertigo, sore throat, allergies, shingles, most rashes, sexually transmitted infections, birth control, swimmers ear, conjunctivitis, recurrent gout, sexual dysfunction, follow up for lab or imaging reports to name a few. Some providers will refill routine medicine and handle Urinary Tract Infections via telemedicine after the urine...

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Established Patients Requesting Refills~

On your date of service, our Providers may issue Refills on medications as they deem necessary to get you "through a determined amount of time". If you have ran out of those Refills, then you will need to recheck with your Primary Care Physician (PCP) or sign-in online to recheck with one of our Providers. Again, we do NOT refill medications when the prescribed refills are used up. You will need to recheck. We hope this information will save you...

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Can HTMC refill my medication if I am vacationing in Redding?

Yes. Patients often lose or forget their medications when they travel.  When you come in for your visit, bring in a list of the medications and dosage or the number of your Pharmacy.  Controlled medications cannot be filled without contacting your primary care Physician directly.  These medications are being monitored closely, and you could void your treating contract with your Doctor. The best way to get your medication refilled is to call your doctor that ordered the medication. Explain that...

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I don’t have a Family Doctor in Redding yet, can you refill my medications?

Yes,  most prescriptions can be filled.  However, refilling controlled medications used on a chronic basis will require obtaining your medical record or contacting their office directly. This will give you time to set up an appointment with a new Family Doctor in Redding. A list of Doctors accepting new patients is available.

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How do I get my Vicodin or Norco medication refilled?

Medication refills (Narcotics): Hilltop Medical Clinic's policy states that narcotic medication can not be refilled without a clinic visit. Please understand that narcotic refills are at the provider's discretion and may be denied during an office visit. Due to problems with narcotic diversion,  we require a photo ID and/or a fingerprint of patients who are prescribed narcotic medication.

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