Going Out Safely

In California we now have a State Of Emergency with a Shelter In Place recommendation.

First, let’s talk about what is “shelter in place”?

This means you stay home. This means YOUR HOME, not the neighbors, friends, people in other towns or cities who are also staying home. It means you lock down your CCP and stick to that small number of contacts. The reason for this is to minimize those for whom YOU could unknowingly expose.

We are trying to flatten the curve so the number of critically ill people won’t overwhelm our Health Care facilities, staff, supplies, etc. If the hospital is full of people with CoVid-19, and you have a heart attack, you (or your grandmother, uncle, dad,) may or may not get care. Think about that.

We have to remember that people are dying from this virus- better to be inconvenienced now than regret filled later.

When you need to obtain groceries the safest way is to order on line. This is getting more cumbersome due to the increased demand. I put my Raley’s order in yesterday (Saturday) and I can pick it up Thursday night. This requires planning ahead. Amazon is so overwhelmed they are trying to prioritize items of hygiene and personal safety. Costco runs out of things (people are STILL hoarding – STOP IT!!) before they can stock the shelves. Menu planning and creating a shopping list can help you stay organized and only buy what you need for one or two weeks maximum. We are not going to run out, but the deliveries to the stores can’t keep up with the hoarders.

When you DO go out: It is now recommended you wear a mask. There are several ways to create these yourself. Below is one example. You tube is full of great and creative ways to cover your face, or your face and hair. (Yes, this virus hangs out in our hair)


Gloves may give you a false sense of protection. Use hand sanitizer plus wipe down the cart handles before using. Only use plastic bags (leave your cloth ones at home).

REMEMBER… DON’T TOUCH it, unless you plan to BUY IT!

EVERYTHING you touch, even with gloves on, will be contaminated by whatever is now on the gloves. Your hands are easier to wash and you may be more particular about what you touch with bare hands.


CREATE THE SPACE: When you get home – wipe off floor or counter space. Use half as the “contaminated” side. Set your bags down here.

WIPE DOWN or WASH ITEMS IMMEDIATELY: As you unpack wipe or wash each item and place onto the “CLEAN” side. Once you have unloaded bags, gather them up and discard, disinfect the “dirty” side, wash your hands and then proceed to putting grocery items away.


We know by this video demonstration having a central hub where everyone goes (such as a grocery store) severely elevates the risk of viral spread. We have to remember that Coronavirus CAN BE SPREAD by those who have NO SYMPTOMS!

We Can Do This!!


If you are working in the public it is imperative you follow these guidelines upon arrival home to keep your home a safe, clean zone. Do this even if you live alone.

  1. Take shoes off outside, spray with disinfectant and leave out to dry
  2. Take off clothes either outside or one step into house. Carefully carry to washing machine (or place in plastic bag you can seal to take to laundromat).
  3. IMMEDIATELY shower and wash hair.
  4. Remove and clean jewelry
  5. Scrub nails and around nail beds.
  6. ONLY THEN can you hug your family, cat, dog or yourself.

Let’s All Do Our Part.


#WashYourHands #StayHome #ShelterInPlace #FlattenTheCurve

By Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce
Health Educator & PR/Media Liaison

PRESS: Contact for PR or Media – DrNancy@DrNSP.com

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