We would like to remind you to get your flu shot now, before cold and flu season really gets here. Don’t wait til it’s too late. Cash pay $25 or we can bill most insurances that usually cover at 100%. Walk-in at either clinic, anytime! High dose for those 65 years and older is available for insurance only- not cash pay.

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Birth Control

We are fortunate to have Sue Waits, P.A.-C for female exams.  Sue Waits, P.A. schedules female exams between 11 AM to 3 PM Tuesday & Wednesday at our clinic located at 1093 Hilltop Drive, please call (530) 221-1565 and ask for the Desk Nurse to schedule an appointment to see her. Access to a written birth control prescription is available immediately at HMC. There is no need to place yourself at risk for an unplanned pregnancy. Birth control pills are...

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School Sport Physical Exam

Available without an appointment. Cost: 45 dollars Please be sure to sign in prior to arriving at the Clinic.  The price is $45. The goal is to reduce injuries related to participation in school sports activities. This is important, but our ability to achieve it is still being debated in medical journals. We can perform a heart transplant, but we still cannot be sure of the value of a sports physical. This is the nature of medicine. Researchers usually focus...

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Preoperative Evaluation

The preoperative exam is designed to identify medical problems that would adversely affect your health or the outcome of the surgery. Being in optimal health is the best way to avoid complications. Your Primary Care Physician, who is familiar with your medical problems and medications, should whenever possible, perform this exam. At this time HMC is performing preoperative exams for eye surgeries ONLY.  If you cannot access your Physician for your preoperative exam for eye surgery,  please bring a list...

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Sexual Dysfunction

HTMC provides evaluations and treatment for ED with prescriptions of Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis. Everyone has seen the sexual dysfunction commercials on TV. Some are direct, like Mr. Dole talking frankly and coining the term ED (erectile dysfunction). Others are more artistic and hint at the quality of the sexual experience. The reality is that it is still a difficult topic for patients to discuss with their Physicians. Research has documented how common ED is, and yet only a fraction...

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Anxiety / Depression

Anxiety and depression are common conditions that smolder along for months, compromising a person's quality of life. They often interfere with our relationships, family, friends, and work. The symptoms can peak suddenly and come to a crisis, requiring immediate treatment. There are no formal tests to establish a diagnosis, so it is important to exclude medical conditions that can cause similar symptoms. Approximately 1 out of 40 patients evaluated for anxiety have a thyroid disorder. This is called making a...

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Orthopedic Consultation

Fractures are a common problem for Urgent Care Physicians. After twenty years of practice I am still amazed at how many different ways we can break the same bone. Fractures are like snow flakes; they all look similar, but when you look closer they have subtle differences. Treatment is based on the results of previous patients (research) with similar fractures. Research is the foundation, but there is no substitute for experience. At HMC we have splints, crutches, x-ray, casting materials,...

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Diagnostic Medicine

An accurate diagnosis is essential for successful treatment. However, as information about a person's medical condition is gathered, the risk and cost of obtaining the information must be considered. Often, we (the patient and Physician) make decisions with an incomplete set of data. This is where the art and science of practicing medicine meet. Arriving at a diagnosis begins with the history and physical exam. Physicians are trained to follow a specific pattern. The history begins with a chief complaint...

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Acute Injuries / Illness

The moment an injury occurs or an illness begins, our bodies begin to repair or heal the wound. It is impossible to list all of the conditions that would benefit from a clinic visit, so we have to use our knowledge, experience, and common sense. You can ask yourself some basic questions: Am I in danger? Is the pain severe or out of control? Are you getting worse? Preexisting conditions like Diabetes, prior cancer treatment, or young or old age...

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