Diagnostic Medicine

An accurate diagnosis is essential for successful treatment. However, as information about a person's medical condition is gathered, the risk and cost of obtaining the information must be considered. Often, we (the patient and Physician) make decisions with an incomplete set of data. This is where the art and science of practicing medicine meet. Arriving at a diagnosis begins with the history and physical exam. Physicians are trained to follow a specific pattern. The history begins with a chief complaint...

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Acute Injuries / Illness

The moment an injury occurs or an illness begins, our bodies begin to repair or heal the wound. It is impossible to list all of the conditions that would benefit from a clinic visit, so we have to use our knowledge, experience, and common sense. You can ask yourself some basic questions: Am I in danger? Is the pain severe or out of control? Are you getting worse? Preexisting conditions like Diabetes, prior cancer treatment, or young or old age...

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