Anxiety / Depression

Anxiety and depression are common conditions that smolder along for months, compromising a person’s quality of life. They often interfere with our relationships, family, friends, and work. The symptoms can peak suddenly and come to a crisis, requiring immediate treatment.

There are no formal tests to establish a diagnosis, so it is important to exclude medical conditions that can cause similar symptoms. Approximately 1 out of 40 patients evaluated for anxiety have a thyroid disorder. This is called making a diagnosis of exclusion. Then we monitor for a response to treatment.

Many Psychologists refer patients to our Clinic for medical treatment. It breaks down the circle of depression causing a confused thought process, which leads to more depression and thus allows their visits to be more efficient and effective.

Medications for anxiety and depression are one of the recent miracles of Pharmacology. They are very effective and can be lifesaving. After we start and adjust the medication and reach our treatment objectives, we encourage Patients to be followed by a Primary Care Specialist. It is best for a single person to follow the entire course of treatment, so the medication can be tapered and discontinued under optimal conditions.

Please contact our office before registering for the visit because the staff must get approval from the provider on duty to see a patient with these symptoms and /or diagnosis. Not all providers will treat this type of condition.

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