Birth Control

We are fortunate to have Sue Waits, P.A.-C for female exams.  Sue Waits, P.A. schedules female exams between 11 AM to 3 PM Tuesday & Wednesday at our clinic located at 1093 Hilltop Drive, please call (530) 221-1565 and ask for the Desk Nurse to schedule an appointment to see her.

Access to a written birth control prescription is available immediately at HMC. There is no need to place yourself at risk for an unplanned pregnancy.

Birth control pills are the most popular, because of their effectiveness and convenience. Research and experience have reduced the number of side effects and complications of this group of medications by reducing the amount of estrogen in the pills.

All medications have risks associated with their use that must be assumed by the person choosing to take and benefit from the medication. An increase in the coagulation of the blood, leading to stroke, leg blood clots and lung (pulmonary) embolus, are the most serious complications. A few people develop headaches, nausea, or an increase in blood pressure. Please read about these medications, so you are fully informed about the risks and benefits of using this class of medications.

Smoking increases the rate of serious complications of birth control pills (BCPs), so you have to accept the additional risk if you choose to use the medication and continue to smoke.

A pelvic exam is not required to receive a prescription for birth control. However, this assumes a history of normal menstrual cycles to exclude the diagnosis of primary amenorrhea.

The visit includes information about other methods of birth control, Plan B, sexually transmitted diseases, STD screening, and the HPV vaccine.

The prescription is for three months or cycles. A follow-up visit is required to screen for significant side effects and to recheck the blood pressure. An additional six months of medication can be given at that time.

We are happy to help you find a Primary Care Provider for additional refills.

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