Preventive Care Begins with Personal Responsibility

True preventive care begins before the onset of obvious symptoms.


The health of the citizens of the United States is deteriorating. Everyday there are reports of epidemic increases in obesity, diabetes and hypertension, and the related conditions such as arthritis, strokes and heart attacks, conditions that will affect the length and quality of our lives. These are only a few examples. Complications of preventable illnesses account for fifty per cent of our current health care costs, and the number is expected to increase.


The Federal and State governments have estimated the future costs of this epidemic in the billions of dollars. Can we complain about the rising costs of health care in the middle of a self-inflicted epidemic?


Traditional allopathic health care has been parental in its approach. Medical Offices’s are still expected to remind adults of when their next preventive heath care exam is due. At its extreme Physician’s have been successfully sued for failure to remind a person about a an important appointment.


Fortunately this is changing as people become more aware and responsible about the choices they make that affect their health and bodies. It is time to lose the role of being a victim. In some alternative health care systems, the patient is entirely responsible for their health. In allopathic care we still feel there are conditions that are spontaneous and unpredictable — at least 50 % of the time.


So it is your responsibility to become informed and protect your health. It is worth the effort. No one cares about your health more, except perhaps your Mother.

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