Pod Power Part 2

POD POWER – part 2

Why flattening the curve is CRITICALLY IMPORTANT!

From a community health perspective, this is critical!  Our local hospitals have capacity for approximately 60 critically ill patients on ventilators at once, and in a city of 100,000 people, if we have more than 60 people becoming critically ill at once, we’re in trouble.  If we don’t flatten the curve, this can easily happen in a day.

Additionally, any other reason for need of critical care (auto accident, heart attack, etc), our doctors would be forced to decide who does, and who doesn’t, get a ventilator. 

This can be avoided by CCP!  See Part 1

Personal Protection Equipment (PPEs)

Let’s not forget that PPEs (Personal Protection Equipment) are becoming scarcer as the production companies have been overwhelmed by the exorbitant demand (plus competing with the theft and irrational hoarding). 

If you are committed to your pod there is no reason for you to have an abundance of n95 masks – yet these are IMPERATIVE for the health and safety of those providing the front-line health care for the sickest of our neighbors and family members.  Please keep this in mind when you hear of hospitals and clinics in need – if you have taken extra – you can save lives by sharing yours!

Community Spread

When a virus is no longer contained to small groups and the source of transmission is unknown.  Over half the cases in California are untraceable and are likely due to community spread.  Maintaining our CCP is the only way to reduce our personal risk.

By Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce
Health Educator & PR/Media Liaison

PRESS: Contact for PR or Media – DrNancy@DrNSP.com


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