Enjoy our Beautiful North State Outdoors this Spring!

Our Owners of Hilltop Medical Clinic and Hilltop Medical Clinic West have been supportive of our community’s health & well-being for 32 years now. Continuing that support, we will be recommending upcoming outdoor events such as the Mayors Mtn Bike Challenge which runs from May 20th through June 1st, 2018. There are different levels for the whole family. Most of all, it promotes our beautiful outdoors, biking trails, something healthy and family time together! By providing Proof- of- Participation, we are pleased to give a discount to you IF you need to be seen as a patient at either of our clinics during this Event timeframe. We look forward to promoting more family-oriented outdoor Events throughout the summer which may qualify you for a discount as well.

Rules: By presenting to HMC your MMBC Passport (or a Copy of your Passport) we will give you a discount off your medical bill during this same time period as the event. No cash refund on any discounts. Only one discount per person during this event. Discount may be 5% or $5 minimum, whichever is greater. Discount must be requested at the time of service, not at a later date.

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