Personal Health Care Plan – Family History

Genetics provide significant clues about inherited illnesses, so start by recording your family history. The list should include your Mother and Father, siblings, Grandparents, and your related Aunts and Uncles. For each entry record their relation, name, birth date, sex and significant health care issues or events. You can copy and paste from the following.   Family History (Name), birth date, male, alive / deceased on ____. List conditions Father. Mother. Brother. Sister. Father's side Grandfather. Grandmother. Aunts Uncles Mother's...

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Health Care Reform

I believe it is time for Physicians to take control and develop more cost effective medical care. This way the final decision remains between the patient and the Physician.   With just a little more effort and efficiency, we could decrease the relentless rising costs of health care. A slight cultural shift is all that is required.   Health care costs increased 4% in 2008. This is a manageable goal. For example, be aggressive with diet, exercise and blood pressure...

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Primary Care Practice Economics

Primary Care practices are under severe financial pressure. The costs of being in practice continue to rise, and the reimbursements are limited by contracts with insurance companies, Medicare, and MediCal. Up until this month Medicare was threatening a 10% cut in fees, but substituted a one-half per cent increase for six months. The future is uncertain.   (more…)

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Hospitals Finances

Hospitals are difficult to run. They have a high fixed overhead, massive amounts of regulation, and an an unavoidable legal obligation to their community. Recently, they have been criticized by the Institute of Medicine and the press for errors, avoidable complications and deaths. Their finances should be described as "robbing Peter to pay Paul".   (more…)

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