Telemedicine Visits

By Linda Fullerton, Administrator

As COVID-19 continues to spread, healthcare providers are utilizing telehealth to protect patients and staff. Many medical offices have expanded their telehealth services and we are one of them. Virtual care has been crucial for screening and treating covid-19 cases from afar.
Here are some of the ways in which telemedicine is now more important than ever:
It Offers an Option for Patients to Continue Medical Care
The risk of not receiving needed medical care can be catastrophic. A patient should not be left without options to continue with their doctor’s visits, whether it be for their acute health issue or refills on much needed medications.  If ones family doctor has not added telemedicine to their practice or has not returned to in-office visits, we may be able to fill that gap temporarily.
It Protects Medical Personnel and Patients
The risk of infection and resurging demands on the healthcare system has made telemedicine a safe and necessary tool. Primary care and specialist clinicians are doing as many visits as possible using telemedicine as a replacement for in-office visits. Many patients have been very receptive to a Telemedicine visit as they have felt reluctant to sit in a waiting room with other people even if they are masked, pre-screened and 6 feet apart.  Additionally, many are not seeking the Vaccine that is readily available for the general population age 16 & older.
 It Increases Healthcare Access for Seniors
Telemedicine can boost convenience for patients that have difficulty traveling to a facility to be seen.  They now can speak with a Provider over the phone or via other audio-visual media for their office visit from the comfort of their home. This is especially helpful during this time when we need folks to stay home and adding the safeguard for people over 65 as well as other high-risk individuals.
In mid-March, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services temporarily expanded telehealth services to include all Medicare beneficiaries. Under the expansion, those living in homes and healthcare settings outside of rural areas can now use telemedicine services for office visits, preventive health screenings and mental health services. 
It Helps Conserve Supplies
Telemedicine has reduced the demand for PPE supplies by keeping the majority of sick patients at home, helping our medical office by limiting exposure and not using up protective equipment.
Please feel confident with our telemedicine providers as they are OUR practice providers who you could also see working in our clinic. We do not hire an outside telehealth entity for your care.  This makes it so much easier if you are requested to come to the clinic for additional labs, injections or tests.   For further questions please contact us at (530) 221-1565 and to get signed in to be seen, please visit our Website by clicking on this link