When should I use Hilltop Medical Clinic services?

You should come to Hilltop Medical Clinic if you or a family member want convenient, same day treatment of routine medical conditions (such as coughs, colds, flu symptoms, sore throats, & ear aches) and minor injuries, (lacerations, or sprains) or for easy access for sport physicals, and DMV/DOT physicals. Our best medical advise is to have you call your Family Doctor for all medical problems and questions. Our doctors understand that sometimes it is impossible to see your Family Doctor.

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When should I not use Hilltop Medical Clinic services?

Do not come to Hilltop Medical Clinic if you or someone with you is experiencing a medical emergency. Please, immediately call 911. (You may need an ambulance)   Call 911 if you have: * Severe difficulty breathing (unable to speak more than one word at a time, struggling to catch breath) * Severe chest pain * Chest Pain lasting longer than 5 minutes and any of the following: * Pain is heavy, pressure-like, or crushing in nature. * History of...

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Can you do X-rays?

Yes. We ask that you please come in to be seen no later than 4pm on the weekdays and by 3pm on the weekends, if possible. There are days x-ray is available until closing, so call prior to coming to the clinic.

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Do you take Workers Comp injuries?

Hilltop Medical Clinic is no longer taking complicated Workers Comp injuries.  The exceptions are self-limited problems such as lacerations, poison oak, foreign bodies in the eye, splinters, etc. IF approved by the physician on duty prior to coming in.  Please Call before you come to the clinic. Sierra Pacific Industries has made special arrangements, so we accept all of their workers for injuries.

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What should I expect when I come in for my Immigration Physical?

The entire visit may take more than one hour. You will need to complete various forms to register at the clinic. You will need your blood drawn, have a PPD, which is a Test for Tuberclulosis exposure (skin test) placed on your left forearm (WHICH MUST BE READ IN A 48 TO 72 HOUR WINDOW OF TIME), and the doctor will do a physical exam. Both men and women will be required to take off their underwear for this exam....

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What do I need to bring for my Immigration Physical?

Your government-issued photo identification, (Example: your valid unexpired passport or valid driver's license) For those under 14 years of age, USCIS will accept other proof of identity that shows name, date and place of birth, parents' full names and any other identifying information about the patient. Bring documentation of any vaccinations you have received; and an interpreter at least 18 year of age if you do not feel comfortable with your English speaking skills.

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