Worker Compensation Injuries

HTMC has been providing health care for injured workers for over 20 years. Our availability (no appointment) and our equipment make our facilities an ideal place to treat injured workers. X-rays are frequently necessary, and our eye slit lamp helps us remove foreign bodies on the eye. We can treat lacerations in out suture room, and make arrangements with another Physician, if it should require specialty care. We can fit you with a cast.

Our goal is to help you return to your occupation as soon as possible. Most injuries are brief and self-limited; however, occasionally progress is slow. This is where the stress begins.

The W/C program is complicated and difficult for the employer, patient, and Physician. Recently the California worker compensation program was under tremendous financial pressure after several years of rising premiums. Costs were controlled by limiting physical therapy and Chiropractic visits and by requiring approval for additional testing.

In this setting, the Physicians at HTMC remain an advocate for their patients.