Missed Appointment

Workers Compensation Missed Appointment Policy

Hilltop Medical Clinic / Hilltop Medical Clinic West policy is that rechecks to see the Doctor are scheduled for a specific date. Your discharge paperwork and work status note documents this date. Some Doctors may list a full duty order for the very next day. If you are a “No Show” for your recheck day, the full duty order will go into effect on the next day following this recheck date.

Example: Return to modified duty with restrictions on 1/3/10

Please return to Hilltop Medical Clinic or Hilltop Medical Clinic West on 1/10/10

Return to full duty without restriction on 1/11/10

If you recheck on 1/10/10 and the Doctor wants you to return to modified duty, he will document this and the full duty order will not be in effect. If you are a no show for 1/10/10, the full duty order goes into effect on 1/11/10.

If you are scheduled to recheck and you miss your appointment, you will be returned to full duty on the day after the appointment was scheduled. This will require that you report to your employer the next morning. An excused no show would be one of the following (i.e. death in the family, emergency, legitimate absence due to illness confirmed by a Doctor’s note from your family Doctor).

It is your responsibility to be aware of your recheck appointment date, and make changes in your schedule to attend. These recheck appointments are essential to keep your claim current, to monitor progress, renew medications and to update work status.

If you have questions please ask the medical assistant or nurse, that goes over your discharge paperwork and gives you your appointment information upon the end of your visit, and they can help you.



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